Data analysis with Tryton business intelligence module

Carles Hilario Jun 4, 2014

Being able to analyze and cross-check the data stored in the ERP can provide very valuable information to company executives in order to make the best decisions.

The following video shows how our Business Intelligence module on Tryton works (available language: Spanish).

A compromise solution between power and ease of use was developed entirely by NaN ยท tic, which despite not having the power of a complete BI solution has interesting features such as:

  • Allows you to quickly navigate through large volumes of data thanks to previous information calculations
  • Allows advanced users to create custom analysis screens without the need for programming skills
  • It allows analyzing any data entered in the ERP so that it is not limited to the analysis of the information provided by the programmer
  • Respect the permissions of users who can enjoy the analysis tool but only with access to the data defined in their profile
  • Allows data export to standard spreadsheets