TRYTON ERP UPGRADES – Immediate Delivery of Information (SII)

Marc Redorta Sep 13, 2017


Tryton ERP upgrade to automate the compliance with the Immediate Delivery of Information (SII) that has taken effect on July 1, 2017. This Tryton ERP application collects and automatically sends safely all the information about the VAT that the Tax Agency requires by law. No mistakes and within the set deadline. NEED MORE INFO?


Responsible for the departments of administration, accounting and finance. Persons in charge of paying taxes of organizations that have the obligation or want this new VAT system.


On July 1, 2017, a change was made to the value added tax (VAT) management system that had been in operation for 30 years. It turned into a new VAT registration books management system through the electronic office of the AEAT, with the almost immediate provision of billing records. This is what is known as Immediate Supply of Information (SII). The group that will be compulsorily included in the SII is made up of all those taxpayers whose obligation to self-assess monthly the Value Added Tax:

The new regulations establish a general term of four days for the electronic transmission of the information from the date of issue of the invoice, or from the date of its accounting record (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays). However, during the first six months of validity of the SII, taxpayers will have an extraordinary period of delivery of the information that will be of eight days.

This means that after each billing the company must send the Tax Agency details of the invoices issued and received. In addition, with the SII, it will be obligatory to keep the registration books in electronic format of:

  • Book registration of invoices issued
  • Book registration of invoices received
  • Register investment property register
  • Book of Intra-Community Operations Registry

This change is relevant, because it forces companies to prepare their computer systems urgently to ensure that the information required by the Tax Agency is sent automatically and safely. Information that sometimes is scattered in different management programs or ERPs and that is subject to errors. In fact, the management of possible errors will force the departments involved to manage and control the returns made by the Tax Agency itself, which will also be almost immediate.

And better not to make mistakes or entertain too much. The fines for the delay in the electronic presentation of the books, or for the inaccuracy or omission of operations included in the books, reach up to 6,000 euros.


Better not to play with the Tax Agency. That is why we have created a module that allows to automate all this process. That is, the company only has to worry about having the module and can already forget the SII and, by extension, the presentation of the models 347, 340 and 390.

This Tryton ERP module automatically collects all necessary information and sends it to the Tax Agency in the exact format requested (XML), within the deadlines and without errors. In addition, this module will advance work to facilitate automatic VAT refunds to be established soon by an electronic draft format.


  • Automatic collection and presentation of information required in the SII
  • No errors or delays in delivery and avoid possible fines
  • Advanced work for future automatic VAT returns


  • Large companies (turnover exceeding € 6,010,121.04 €)
  • VAT groups
  • Registered in the REDEME (Monthly VAT Return)
  • Companies that want to self-assess VAT on a monthly basis
  • Taxpayers who do not want problems with the AEAT
  • Organizations determined to automate processes to be more efficient



  • aeat_sii



This module has the NaN-tic GUARANTEE. This means that it has been developed and/or tested and validated by NaN-tic and, therefore, we are responsible and is covered by the guarantee we offer to our customers.

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