Future programmers visit NaN-tic and Infinitum Projects

Marc Redorta Apr 10, 2018

The students of the upper level computer science course in Multiplatform Application Design at IES Sabadell wanted to get a first-hand look at everything that is going on at Infinitum Projects, the technology company hub in which NaN-tic operates. The visit to the facilities was complemented by three talks aimed at explaining to them what job opportunities the IT sector offers, what the profile of the IT worker is in the 21st century and what challenges the programming and implementation of an ERP in a company poses. The activity was programmed within the framework of the Database and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship modules, which contain a specific subject on ERP.

Antonio Herrero is the CEO of TechClass Academy, a company that offers an online training platform for employees, customers, distributors, franchisees or any other external agent. He was the one who explained to the students of IES Sabadell the wide variety of professional opportunities that the market offers to computer science students. This information was complemented by Jordi Mercader, founding partner of Infinitum Projects, the technology-based project accelerator from which NaN-tic operates, and founder and CEO of the consulting firm Mercaconsult. Mercader explained what is required of technology professionals and what skills they should have to consolidate their careers.

Finally, Albert Cervera, founding partner of NaN-tic, focused his talk on ERP and open source. Albert started from the design of a database to explain how to structure the information of a company in order to analyze it and automate its processing through an ERP. The need to understand how a company is organized and the benefits of using modular structures in IT solutions were also highlighted during the talk.