Què és la metodologia àgil?

Marc Redorta Jun 10, 2018

One of the differential aspects of Tryton versus other ERPs is its high pace of updates. New versions are constantly released that fix errors, provide new functionalities and, ultimately, improve the program. Well... what we demand from our main product we also demand from the company of which we are part. Not that we have to release new versions of NaN-tic, but we are constantly looking for ways to do more and even better things. In other words, we look for ways to be more efficient.

That is why, among other things, each week a person different from our team presents us internally some issue that he or she believes can add value to the people who are part of NaN-tic and, by extension, to our clients.

In the last session, Carlos gave a brilliant presentation on what agile methodology is to manage projects. It is an approach that we already apply successfully in NaN-tic for software development and that is based on flexibility and adaptability to changes, speed of execution, simplicity of solutions and transparency and honesty with the client. Instead of following the classic guidelines of a software project structured in REQUIREMENTS -> DESIGN AND PROGRAMMING -> IMPLEMENTATION -> VERIFICATION -> MAINTENANCE, the agile method proposes to split the project into small pieces that are delivered very continuously and with the total involvement of the client. In this way, funnels are eliminated, deadlines are met and a much more fluid relationship with the customer is maintained.

The talk allowed us to reflect on the most theoretical aspects of the methodology and discuss what we could change to offer better solutions to our clients. Because we want to change, and we do.