The Definitive Guide for Choosing Business Management Software - CHAPTER 6

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You will never walk alone. And you're never going to choose an EPR alone. In this chapter we argue why we should have the opinion, experience and vision of different managers of the organization in the selection process. And we started by highlighting the contributions that can be made by the area manager.


  • Choosing an ERP is done every many years, therefore the experience is not very profitable.
  • Involve the area manager, the CTO director, the financial director and the general management in the selection process.
  • Listen to who else will have to use the program. The director of the area most affected by the new tool has a lot to say.

LET THE CONSULTATION BEGIN! And right after TIP NUMBER 3, comes TIP NUMBER 4: Don’t even think about choosing a management tool yourself. Even though it may mean taking up the time of employees and management in the company, listen closely to their opinions and allow them to take part in the final decision. They will help you more than you could even imagine.

Why is choosing a business management tool so difficult? Because you need to do it once and do it right. An ERP is a type of tool that in theory, will be used by a company for several years at least, especially if the company grows and the program can be adapted to grow at the same pace. It’s highly likely therefore that the person tasked with making the choice has never been in this position before – or that the last time he made the choice was so long ago that the experience is no longer a valid source of criteria as both the company’s needs and its set up will have changed, and technology even more so, with new solutions and even new business models.

You will need help. But obviously, involving the entire company throughout the whole selection process is not recommended. However those parties who, in our experience, must take part in this task are the Area Head, the CTO Manager, the Financial Manager and the General Manager.

The Area Head

If you are thinking about selecting software to cater for the needs of a determined area, you will need to obtain approval from the head of that section. If, for example, the Sales Department requires a CRM in order to manage business opportunities and sales, you will definitely need to take their opinions into account. If you are looking for a tool for warehouse management, it will be essential to know what the requirements of the Warehouse Manager are.

Things become more complex when you need an ERP, as an ERP is a cross-cutting tool that affects practically all company departments: production, storage, distribution, invoicing, accountancy, human resources and many more. The entire sales area and after-sales service department may require (or already use) an ERP or other similar tools. The good news, therefore, is that if you have decided to install an ERP or replace the one you already have, you’ll be able to improve performance in practically all your company departments. The bad news is that if you don’t take the right decision, everyone will lose out.

The process is therefore the following: you need to take a strategic decision that will decisively affect company productivity, in addition to growth possibilities in the mid and long term. And all those people trying to sell you their product are dealing every day with something you've never dealt with before or, in the best case scenario, you did many years ago.

So, do you still really want to make this decision on your own? If you want to reduce the risks, speak little and listen a lot. Educate yourself as much as you can and above all listen to those who will need to use the program the most.


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The Definitive Guide for Choosing Business Management Software