Back to school

NaN-tic Mar 11, 2019

This February we have returned to school. Specifically to the Institut Sabadell to explain who we are and what we do to the students of higher education. Taking advantage of the subject of Business Management Systems taught in the Higher Level Training Cycle of Multiplatform Applications Development, we have presented and discussed the roles that students could assume in the implementation of a management system in a company.

In the second session, Albert Cervera focused on electronic commerce and the great advantages of having the ERP integrated with the online store. One of the aspects that has most interested students is to see what happens in an electronic store when a user makes a purchase: what processes are activated, what is the level of automation and, in short, what is the management that is triggered after of doing a couple of clicks to get a product.

The collaboration between NaN-tic and Institut Sabadell does not end here. The students of the cycle have already visited us before, and since this month of January we have in our offices one of the students who is doing the practices of the subject and learning how the world of work rules from the first line.