Tryton, now even better equipped

NaN-tic Aug 31, 2019

We take advantage of our participation in the Tryton Unconference 2019 held in Marseille to present two tools developed by NaN-tic that significantly improve ERP performance. On one hand we present Shine, a tool integrated in the software that allows you to avoid spreadsheets. And on the other, Papyrus, a new module for inspection and advanced document management.

The École de Commerce et Management de Marseille has hosted the Tryton Unconference 2019, the annual meeting of Tryton developer community and in which new versions, functionalities and success stories of this ERP in open source are presented. This year's meeting has allowed us to present the fruits of our permanent effort in R&D&I. These are two very interesting tools that we are developing thinking about the companies that already use this management software.

The first novelty is called Shine. It is a system that we are developing at NaN-tic and that will allow to work with ERP data or external data without having to leave the management environment. Shine will offer the same formulas and the main features of Excel but without the need to have to extract data manually. From here, the new tool will also allow generating customized graphics and reports through an intuitive and effective dashboard for the financial and production departments of any company. Shine will also be used for quick calculations.

Another interesting feature is that the traditional system of tabs of the spreadsheets is suppressed by one of labels. This will allow linking and ranking the different spreadsheets in a much simpler way and without creating a hard-to-manage leaf tree. The tags can be customized: by department, by project, by date... Here you can see the video of the presentation of Shine.

The first companies that have known this proposal have welcomed it with much interest. The concentration of functions in the same environment is a priority when it comes to reducing times, processes and possible errors. And this new approach proposed by NaN-tic solves a good part of this need.

If you want more information about Shine and the possibilities of incorporating it into your company's Tryton system, contact us and we will explain how.

Papyrus, best document management

The other novelty presented in Marseille by Albert Cervera, co-founder of NaN-tic, has been Papyrus and Printer. Two modules that are in the final phase of development and that will allow to automatically import the management information that the ERP needs and that is in any invoice or delivery note, either in physical support (paper) or in digital format (PDF, for example).

The system works by extracting the labels and generating barcodes when the document is in a physical medium. In the case of documents in digital format, Papyrus is a document inspection system that detects and recognizes the fields where the necessary information is and processes it and integrates it directly into the ERP. It is designed to interpret and customize the main concepts that include the aforementioned documents, and thus obtain the information they contain.

Here you can watch the video of the presentation of Papyrus and Printer.

More presentations

During the Tryton Unconference we also reviewed the new features that have been incorporated into the ERP between versions 4.8 and 5.2, as well as other functionalities and success stories. We can highlight the presentation of new programming modules through Lisp, new developments from Docker or the creation of mobile applications connected to Tryton. The meeting also included the traditional "coding sprints" aimed at programmers.