Archive delivery notes in seconds

NaN-tic Jun 30, 2021

If your company receives hundreds or thousands of paper delivery notes every year and you don't have an automated filing system, it's very likely that some of these situations are familiar to you:


  • You physically move the paperwork from warehouse to office and occasionally one gets lost.
  • When the invoice is received, the admin colleagues do not have the delivery note to check the invoice and you have to locate it or ask the supplier for it again.
  • You have to manually file the delivery notes, taking up time and physical space.
  • Several people have access to the delivery note file and there is a certain lack of control.
  • You only let one person access the file and this limits the agility of the team and forces the manager to chase down colleagues to retrieve the documentation
  • You end up wasting more paper by making unnecessary photocopies.
  • You directly destroy the delivery notes and then you do not have them when you need them, or even fail to comply with the legal requirement to have them (necessary, for example, when the invoice refers to the delivery note, however, it does not detail the content).


Before you lose the papers we can definitely help you.


We already explained a few months ago how the document management tool can help you manage supplier invoices which, fortunately, are now used to receiving them by e-mail.


The case of delivery notes, however, is usually different. Most companies receive them on paper at the time of receipt of the goods and it is this document that is used by the logistics department to make an initial check of what has arrived.


After entering the necessary information in the management software or WMS, the question is how to archive this delivery note so that it is available, especially when the invoice arrives at the administration.


When you want to avoid moving paper within the company, one possibility is to scan the document on the spot and store it in a folder with the delivery note number. Or if the ERP allows it, save the scanned PDF and enter it into the ERP. Some companies try to automate this with character recognition software (OCR), but unfortunately very often the quality of the document is so bad that OCRs are unable to interpret them.


All this leads to manual processes, which, although they end up with a digitized document, are not much more efficient than a paper-based management, essentially because there is an individualized management of the documents.


Fortunately, the Papyrus document management tool that we have developed at NaN-tic and which you can find integrated in Tryton ERP allows us to optimize this process.

Paperwork management

 The idea is very simple: when the user is entering the supplier's delivery note in the ERP, he can press a button that sends a QR barcode directly to a label printer, which he only has to paste on the first page of the delivery note he has on paper. You can leave the delivery note in a stack and start working on the next delivery note.


At the end of the day (or week), the user will take the entire stack of delivery notes, put them in the scanner and they will enter Tryton where they will be automatically classified and attached. They are effortlessly available from the delivery note screen and can be accessed by colleagues in administration or purchasing with just one click.


The process is so simple and natural that the user does not even have to separate the label from the paper, as there are printers that output the label separately.


Thus, the problems of archiving and locating information are reduced to literally a few seconds of work at the end of the day or week.


By automating this process you will achieve


  • Greater control of delivery notes
  • Reduction of errors
  • Free up physical space
  • Agility in processes and between departments
  • Eliminate manual work with little added value for employees.

Contact us and we'll start improving your company's document management! You'll see how managing the day-to-day management of delivery notes will be faster than reading this article.