Automate stock provisioning in just two clicks

NaN-tic Mar 15, 2021

Do you spend hours planning your supplies? Do you need to make multiple queries to know which one will be the most appropriate?

With Tryton, multiple queries disappear. Two clicks are enough. The software calculates the necessary quantity you need to supply according to your needs and makes a proposal with these quantities.


Internal requests

Maybe you have several warehouses or maybe you need to divide the same warehouse into zones to be more efficient. Tryton makes management easier for you by proposing movements between warehouses or between different areas of the same warehouse:

- If you do not have enough stock: you can choose a warehouse to provide you with the necessary stocks that have been finished in the main warehouse.

- If you want to manage the picking area and the warehouse area to serve orders more quickly at peak times: you can manage it to always have the stock you want in the picking area for when busiest activity arrives.


Purchase requests

If you need to place orders to supply stocks, software will propose the necessary purchases with the best supplier based on your priorities and delivery dates. So, imagine that you have a very cheap supplier but with very long delivery times and for this reason it is not possible to send the order to the customer on time. In this case, the program can directly propose the most expensive supplier but that allows delivery on time.


Productions requests

Tryton also forecasts the stock supply of the products that need to be produced.

The software proposes you productions of final products, foreseeing even cascades of semi-finished and/or raw material productions, and the purchases that these productions trigger. These proposals are made according to the needs and preferences that have been previously configured.


Minimum stock

If you want to make sure that you always have enough stock to be able to serve your customers as quickly as possible, the program allows you to configure a minimum stock per product.

As soon as the product is below the minimum stock, Tryton proposes different requests for purchases, productions and/or internal movements to ensure that you always have the necessary stock of the products.



In Tryton you’ll find an advanced tool that allows you to estimate and report what the sales forecast will be. In this way, you do not need to have a minimum stock for each product and it will make it easier to have the forecast of purchases and productions with the possibility of controlling sales by seasonality.

If your sales vary according to the time of year, you can estimate forecasts and control the stock according to this variability.

As a consequence, it will generate an improvement in the management of the stock since you will avoid producing to order and optimizing the stored quantities.

It is important to know that the program will never decide for you, it will only make a proposal to optimize work time and thus be more efficient, but you will always have the final decision.

It's that simple, with just two clicks you will have different proposals that you can reject, modify and/or accept.

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