Smart stock management

NaN-tic Jan 23, 2019

Do not overstock or understock any product in your store. Never pay your suppliers above the minimum purchase price. Buy only the most appropriate day to do it. It sounds good, right?

There are companies that already have an intelligent stock management system and have managed to optimize their warehouses and distribution centers to the maximum. The secret lies in a technology called machine learning which we have been offering companies from many different sectors on the last months. With the following video you can get a very precise idea of ​​how this innovative intelligent stock management system works.

The concept

The concept is relatively simple. It is about comparing the actual management of the stocks made by the company with what would be the most optimal possible. How is it done?

We start by creating what we call a retroactive simulation. This means that we analyze the data accumulated by the company in recent months to establish what would be the optimal parameters in demand planning, investment in stocks, price, volume, stock ruptures... Our system creates a complete virtual graphical simulation and customized to the parameters required by the costumer.

This is an example of this simulation:

Simulació gestió estocs

This information is essential, because it automatically sets the minimum and maximum thresholds on which decisions must be made that affect the stock. Both globally and for each product or concept that interests us.

Next, we compare these 100% optimized virtual results with the real results of the company. The contrast is usually surprising and shows a large margin for improvement in stock management. We show it through fully comprehensible graphics that can be easily consulted via the web.

Simulació gestió estocs

In addition, as this machine learning system is integrated with the company's ERP, it automatically collects the data and recalculates and learns from the real experience. This guarantees that the optimal parameters are perfectly updated and without the need for the company personnel to intervene.

The benefits

The benefits offered by this system can be huge, especially in those companies where rotation and stock management in the warehouse is critical, or in those where the margins in purchases from manufacturers and suppliers are very low.

The benefits can be summarized in:

  • Automated demand planning
  • Perfect adaptation of stocks to demand
  • Reduction of investment in stock
  • Detection of behavior changes in clients to avoid leaks
  • Segmentation of customers and products
  • Integration with any ERP

By way of example, the specific benefits obtained by a company in the pharmaceutical sector are described here.

Simulació gestió estocs

More information

If you want more information about our intelligent stock management system, contact us and we will analyze the potential that this system can have for your company.