Maintenance of the operating system server

Carles Hilario Nov 12, 2012

Our customer support services not only include the resolution of problems which may occur in the ERP, they also include a service that is often neglected and usually our clients are not aware: the maintenance of the operating system server.

Although this work is not visible, every week or two weeks, NaN┬Ětic updates the operating systems of the servers of our clients, applying the latest security updates.

Using Nagios allows us monitoring and supervising of the operating system without the necessity to be aware of whether the system requires updates. However, we also supervise the entire control system.

Thanks to this active surveillance we have detected some hard errors in the hard of our clients or problems of space in their disks, anticipating problems and avoiding major consequences for the user.

In particular, the monitoring is focused on:

  • Status of the operating system, updating it where necessary.
  • Monitoring the proper operation of the disks, notifying the client the problems identified.
  • Verification of proper operation of copies of discs RAID and resynchronizing them if the problems are not from hardware.
  • Charging system, checking the correct operation in case of alarm.
  • Control disk space, freeing up space if it's in our hands or asking the client action.
  • Monitoring backups, checking that are current and solving any problems it may have occurred.

All this allows us and our clients to sleep more relaxed and forget about server operating system problems which may occur.