Quality control in production lots and incoming pickings

Àngel Àlvarez Serra Oct 1, 2012

In this article we will continue with the quality control initiated in the previous post quality control and its integration to OpenERP processes.

Today we will talk about our modules nan_prodlot_quality_control and nan_prodlot_quality_control_input.

  • The first module, nan_prodlot_quality_control, adds the quality control in the production lots, changing the standard work flow, and adds the configuration of the quality control in the company and in the product. Also the module adds the base for the triggers.
  • The module nan_prodlot_quality_control_input takes care of create and assign the quality test to the production lot once the input material is done.

This modules add a section for quality in the company tab where configure the quality controls. There you can globally define the quality controls to apply to the products, in this way, when you create a new product, the quality controls will be automatically added.


We also have the possibility to select which products needs a quality control, we must leave in blank the quality section on the company tab and specify the quality control directly in the product details.


The triggers available depend on the installed modules in OpenERP. In this example we only have the trigger 'Input' to create quality control associated to each lot created in the incoming pickings.


The modules affect over the availability of the production lots created in the entry of material and with configured product. These lots appear inactive and are not shown in any process unless you specifically look for them, in this way we prevent use the lot in any production or sale until it pass the quality control. The production lot status indicate that the lot is pending to pass the quality control.


Once passed quality control, the lot status will change to 'Valid' and the production lot will be available for production or sale.

You can download these modules at github: