TRYTON ERP UPGRADES – Digital signatures for companies

Marc Redorta Sep 28, 2017


Tryton ERP Upgrade that integrates it with ViDSigner, a digital signature solution for companies. With just a tablet device, company can obtain and retain the signature of its clients in a simple way and with full legal validity. This solution saves and manages all the documents in a much more agile way. And is a big help for removing definitively all sorts of papers and its expenses. NEED MORE INFO?


Employees and managers of companies that want to become paperless and, at the same time, obtain signatures of their clients with legal value, such as consents, contracts or conformities. Responsibles for legal services, TIC managers and people who operate in the front-office of the company. Companies such as medical clinics, public administrations, banking and financial institutions or legal or human resources professionals.


Protocols of some organizations often require the personal and handwritten signature of clients or stakeholders in some processes. This gesture that certifies identity is almost always done in person and on paper, which greatly impedes the process of digitization of the organization.

Once signed, this document should be physically scanned and archived, creating duplication and maybe some errors. In addition, it generates information usually in PDF format that is left out of all the data managed by the ERP or any other business management tool. The only solution is to attach the PDF document separately and enter the data manually, with the cost and poor added value that this work entails. And when this happens tens or hundreds of times a day, it becomes a huge problem.

Until recently, existing digital signature models were technically complex and difficult to use. Nor did they offer the maximum legal certainty to the companies that bet to use them.


NaN-tic has developed a module to integrate ViDSigner solution with Tryton ERP. It is a digital signature application that allows the user to stamp their signature on the corresponding document using a tablet with all legal guarantees. In this way, the document and the information it contains is immediately digitized and enters the ERP circuit, ready to be treated and managed as the company decides.

This Tryton ERP module is especially useful for companies that collect signatures every day and that can be object of claims or legal processes. Organizations of the medical sector (hospitals, laboratories of analysis ...), public administrations or companies linked to the banking or financial sectors, to give just a few examples, can find in this module a definitive, safe and agile solution to the collection of signatures of its customers or users.


  • Digital signature for companies with full legal validity
  • Low-cost technology infrastructure required
  • Instant integration of documentation and data into Tryton ERP
  • Mobility of the signature collection device
  • Viewing the document on the same tablet


  • Companies that collect signatures with relevant value
  • Organizations that want to centralize data to the ERP
  • Companies that want to eliminate paper to save money




This module has the NaN-tic GUARANTEE. This means that it has been developed and/or tested and validated by NaN-tic and, therefore, we are responsible and is covered by the guarantee we offer to our customers.

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