Tryton + Giswater: the best way to manage water

Marc Redorta May 10, 2017

When two strong open source technology platforms combine, results can be extremely beneficial for users. That’s the main message reached more than 50 representatives of water companies, engineering firms and companies linked to the water cycle management that participated in the first Giswater Conference held in Mataró (Barcelona).

NaN-tic at giswater conference

The event goal was to present new features of version Giswater 2.0, a highly specialized tool for designing and analyzing sanitation and drinking water supply nets. But Giswater not include any module or functionality focused to the area of business that is behind the water cycle management. Therefore, organizers invited us to explain how easy it is to integrate Tryton into Giswater environment to multiply its potential. Because it is not the same to have a tool that allows you to design a network that another one that allows to run a business based on the network designing.

Tryton and Giswater share much of its technological structure, starting from its activity based on PostgreSQL database and ending with the same program language, Python.

Carles Hilario’s talk focused on the benefits that Tryton offer to utilities companies, with emphasis on issues such as control of field work, billing, calculate of margins or management incidences. The presentation aroused interest of attendants and water companies, as well as various engineering professionals committed to open source technologies.

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