Technology to compete in the Champions League of businesses

NaN-tic May 21, 2019

TV3’s program No pot ser! explained this Sunday how a football club has thoroughly applied the technology to obtain competitive advantages in its market. The presenter, Jordi Basté, saw how professionals from Manchester City, Barça and other clubs of all levels collected data in a massive way and worked to analyze the performance of their athletes, detect patterns of rivals or even to sign better and get a faster return on its investments in shape of players.

It is a striking example, but there are everywhere. The NBA franchises, for example, are already a step further betting on concepts such as deep learning (machines that learn alone without human assistance) or augmented reality. This article shows seven impressive examples of cutting-edge applications in the field of professional basketball.

But the collection and massive analysis of data to facilitate decision making is not exclusive to sports clubs, and has already reached each and every one of the productive sectors. This technology allows, today, predict earthquakes, offer only those movies or series that you may like, decide what type of products and packaging are the easiest to sell in the supermarket, or know when and where to do network maintenance sewer system in the city.

The conclusion is clear: the most dynamic organizations have enthusiastically embraced the incredible opportunities offered by technology applied to their business models. And in all areas of production and at all levels of the company, including management.

Your company can also play the Champions League

The good news is that this type of technology is now available to everyone. You do not have to be an NBA team or quote on the Nasdaq to enjoy the great benefits offered by big data or machine learning.

Some NaN-tic customers already have a smart stock management system. That is with software integrated into the corporate ERP and that compares the actual management of the stocks made by the company with what would be the most optimal possible. The result is that those responsible for these companies have fully optimized stores, which never pay more than they have to pay their suppliers and only buy the most appropriate day to do so. And, best of all: the software that manages the stock is automatically perfected based on its own usage experience.

It is just one example of the many possibilities that we can offer to companies that want to play the Champions League of business without having to have the best players in the world. You just have to contact us and you want to know how far you can grow your business.