We prepare, we anticipate

NaN-tic Apr 17, 2019

At NaN-tic we do not miss any opportunity to improve our knowledge about what happens in the business world. At the end of the year we participate in a large number of events, workshops and workshops that allow us to detect trends in the market, work methodologies and innovative technologies to improve business productivity.

In the last weeks we have participated, for example, in the Jornades ON of Castelldefels. They have been three days destined to put in contact to the business sector of the zone of the Llobregat with the development and the investigation. More specifically, the objective was to take advantage of the research dynamics initiated by the universities in the area, the UPC and the UOC, among others, in order to transport what is being researched in the laboratory to the business environment.

We have also been present at the Advanced Factories 2019, the largest international forum in Europe on Industry 4.0 held in Barcelona. Some of the companies with the most cutting-edge and innovative production technologies and models on the continent have gathered here, and many interesting talks and activities have been held for companies that are committed to automating processes and improving productivity.

And in the same line we have also attended the first Meeting of Controllers CCA® of SMEs held in Catalonia and organized by PIMEC. The controller is no longer an exclusive professional of large companies, as more and more small and medium-sized companies are incorporating this profile into their management and planning teams. This interesting forum has served to see how control can help improve management, planning, management and efficiency in companies, increasing sales and reducing costs and margins.

This, precisely, is a topic of special interest for NaN-tic. We are permanently designing and implementing solutions for our clients in this line. A good example is the intelligent stock management system , thanks to a machine learning system that optimizes warehouses and distribution centers to the maximum. Another example is the solution deployed in Sant Andreu Salut, a hospital center in Manresa, to improve the control and internal flows of material between the different work units.